Now Locate Indoor Navigation And Intelligence Via Jibestream

Jibestream An Introduction

Jibestream is an indoor mapping and location platform that enables you to build map enabled solutions. With the help of Jibstream, you have the flexibility and total control to create the tailored solutions that integrate with any third party data and systems.

Let us look at some of the features of Jibstream:

Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding

Jibstream’s indoor mapping platform empowers users to navigate between two waypoints on a map or to a particular destination. Our wayfinding algorithms use weight, speed and accessibility parameters, along with the distance, to generate an optimal travel path. It also gives users an enhanced experience by adding the positioning to enable indoor navigation with the blue dots.

Asset Tracking & Status

Visual static assets and moving assets to display and track their location and movement on high-fidelity indoor maps by combing the data from the Indoor Positioning Systems. With the help of Jibstream, you can even display attribute information to assets and easily navigate to them.

Map Profiles

Cater to different users by serving customized visualization of your space based on the user profile all while only having to manage a single map instance. With the profiles, you can hide or reveal parts of a map, create multiple wayfinding paths, and display or restrict to map, paths, layers, and destinations based on the type of user.

Profile even ensure that users only see the parts of a map for which they are given the proper permissions and can be used to differentiate public routes, emergency routes, accessibility routes, detours, staff only routes and more.

Proximity Messaging & Services

Use the Jibstream proximity serve to create situational awareness and see what destinations are near users and assets. Then use this data to deliver the hyperlocal content in the real-time scenario on destinations and points of interest around them, such as the coffee shops, nearby shops and some other relevant spaces.

To Sum Up

Overall, Jibestream offers the world’s most scalable platform for combining mapping with business rules and location awareness to improve efficiency, productivity and engagement.