Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg is Taking Tech Wealth To a Whole New Level

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On antitrust worries Congressional hearing, Jeff Bezos and other 3 technology magnates had shielded their businesses by taking spectacular measures of their firms’ economic might. The e-commerece giant’s founder has witnessed that his net worth taking off by $63.6 billion in 2020; however, one day, the net worth has leaped an untypical $13 billion in July. 

According to the media house, Amazon’s fortune exceeded $200 billion, and the world’s richest man is currently on the tip of another record.

Besides Amazon, the Facebook CEO has also grown $9.1 billion richer in 2020, speeding its fortune within the status of centibillionaire, which is held by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

The astonishing collection of money underway in technology is unmatched in scale and speed. No other executives then these have flourished to such a degree success. In fact, the global rich people are becoming even richer at a fast pace even in the situation where, globally, the economy is disturbed. All are actively going online, and these tech magnets are growing in profit.

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg is Taking Tech Wealth To a Whole New Level

University of Chicago Booth School of Business’ finance professor Luigi Zingales said that they have now moved to a consumer-to-business economy towards an online economy dramatically. Likely, the same situation would have happened in the long run. Currently, it’s happening in weeks despite years.

On a video conference, featuring Apple Inc.’s CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet Inc- the Google parent firm’s CEO Sundar Pichai. The lawmakers expressed that it has been a threatening affair that heightened frustration with how the industry held its smack.

Maryland Democrat representative Jamie Raskin told the CEOs that in the 19th century, they had the Robber Barons, and in the 21st century, they have got the ‘Cyber Barons.’ Besides, they want to ensure that the extraordinary wealth and power that they have been able to gather is not used against the human rights and interests of democracy across the globe and not against the free market at home.

Jeff Bezos’s attitude has always been that his firm is an American success story that had achieved its position through a relentless focus and risk-taking steps on customers. Jeff Bezos’s prepared testimony, Jeff dictated only his personal story, and the major investors were his parents, who invested in making Jeff’s Amazon the world’s largest online retail platform.

In the business publishing journal index, Amazon has a collective wealth of $1.4 trillion today, nearly doubled since 2016 from $751 billion as a tech billionaire ranking of the world’s 500 wealthiest people- faster than in every other sector.

7 among the 10 world’s wealthiest people obtain the technology holdings bulk of their fortune, with a combined net worth of $666 billion, upto $147 billion in 2020.

So far, the big winners in 2020 include Elon Musk, whose net worth has over doubled to $69.7 billion backings the surging Tesla Inc shares.


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