Automate Your Social Media Posting And Campaigns Via Jarvee

Jarvee An Introduction

Jarvee is a social media tool to automate routine work with social media channels. You are able to use it with almost any well-known networks which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

The developers claim that you can grow your times 10x faster. Moreover, there are a lot of aspects influencing this statement which includes how correct the strategy you select is, how you configure the application and many more.

Let us look at some of the features of Jarvee:

Post Scheduling: The application provides the ability to create a schedule to share posts. Moreover, this is not a unique feature because almost any Twitter application offers something similar.

Twitter mentions: You can select a list of users you consider your target audience and mentions them in your publications. Keep in mind that not everyone will like to be mentioned in your posts.

Auto-Following: Using hashtags, keywords and mentions, create a list of potential followers and follow them automatically. If your account is really good, then they will be able to follow you in return.

Auto-Unfollowing: When a user did not follow you in return, Jarvee can unfollow them automatically. You also are able to configure the time period after which they will be unfollowed.

Auto Hashtags: You can add a keyword you would like to convert into a hashtag. The app will create the hashtag automatically so that you will not miss anything and will be able to make it posting really efficient.

RSS tweeting: You can add the RSS feed as a source for new tweets. The application will take the material from this feed and post it on your page. Completely automatically!

Result Monitoring: This feature provides all the necessary tools to monitor the results of your Twitter campaign.

Spin Syntax: This allows sharing the same posts many times with different words. By doing so, it will not look like spam.

Proxy Support: The proxy server will let you change the IP address to use the several accounts or allows posting more publications without even being banned.

Targeted Direct Messages: You are able to perform hashtags or keyword searches and send direct messages to any user.

Canned Replies: This feature enables the sending of an automatic reply when someone mentions you or sends a direct message.

To Sum Up

JarveeĀ is a very efficient tool to automate the promotion of your social networks accounts. It is very easy to use and highly customizable. You can even test the app for free during the first 5 days.

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