Japanese Cryptocurrency News: Public Companies Entering Crypto Space

In Japan, there has recently been an announcement of six companies that are in public listing which launched themselves into cryptocurrency exchange, following that were three announcements made from companies enlisted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange to enter the crypto space providing various offerings. There has been an evident increase in the companies that trade publicly in Japan who are seeking to launch themselves in crypto space with a provision of diversified services being offered. Among those six companies, Money Forward happens to be one, which is one of the most famous private finance apps in Japan.

Samurai & J Partners Corporation Limited founded back in February 1996 with subsidiaries being VIO Corporation Limited, Samurai Securities Corporation Limited and more; is a Fintech, IT, and investment banking service firm. Using the PIPE (private investment in public equity) investment method, the company conducts its integral business in Japan. Bringing together individuals who want to govern firms and assets that are in need of money through a crowdfunding platform operated by a subsidiary of the company. It's recent announcement included entering onto a platform where it lends money for virtual currency holders.

Appbank Inc using the medium of live broadcasts and videos of social games undertakes planning, manufacturing, and development of content distribution. Appbank.net is a gaming and smartphone-related media site launched back in October 2008, that declares to be the Japan’s largest iPhone media service provider. @Blast is the firm's  Virtual Currency Distribution Content Platform that was launched last week. There will be a splendid opening this month. The firm said: @Blast is a web service rostrum that administers virtual currencies through the numerous content centered on games and entertainment. This platform will serve to the company's vision of diversity of virtual currencies while users have a place to access virtual currencies using this service as a medium.

I-Freek Mobile Inc is a mobile content provider to the users of a cell phone. The recent announcement of the firm's modifications of its Articles of Incorporation for the annexation of virtual currency exchange in the business. On June 27, at the company’s general meeting of shareholders, the amended articles are anticipated to be taken on board. The company said: The adjoining of virtual currency exchange in the business is done in order to widen the content business of the firm and its subsidiaries and equip the company for future business development.

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