Jane.ai Raises $8.4M To Bring A Digital Assistant To Your Office Software

Exploring old files is very time-consuming and arduous. To top that, if you are a Multi-national company with hundreds of thousands of employees working in your firm then the very thought of filtering through old files can be devastating. To end this very problem, David Karandish, the former CEO of Answers.com came up with Jane.ai which is a St.Louis-based, Artificial intelligence embedded rostrum, which registers data gathered from the cloud storage providers, teams, and more, serving as an inventory for data. It lets the employees search the file they are looking for using simple language across all the mass compilation of the existing records of the firm. It also provides them with information about various meetings, general company knowledge, and documents. Today, it raised $8.4 million in a Series A funding round from a Midwest channel of angel and private investors.

The system is instilled in apps such as Skype for Business and Slack. Along with these, it is available in its web app. With Jane.ai, employees can access the information they are looking for through a simple message directly forwarded to the assistant. Immediately after the system receives the message, it will dig through all the existing apps and information that were connected and uploaded to the system to find answers. You can type the name of the file you need access to, and you within a quick span are provided with a link. You can also ask for a phone number in a particular department, and Jane.ai will right away give it to you.

While this is one aspect Jane deals with, the other point is its previously mentioned backend that mines through tons of information starting from email; the calendar apps such as Gmail and Exchange, cloud drive providers including OneDrive and Box, HIRS (health information and resource services) like Sage and ADP, CRM (customer relationship management) software like Oracle’s NetSuite and Salesforce, service desk platforms such as ServiceNow and  Zendesk.

The objective that lies behind the creation of this system is to master it as time goes on and to provide appointed admins with the capability to be called on to answer specific questions when Jane finds no answer. At times as such, the experts will teach Jane to keep it more equipped with information over time.

Source: VentureBeat, Source of the image: www.itic.org