Irish Watchdog Warns Facebook Over WhatsApp Integration

The Irish Data Protection Commission has now warned the Facebook over the planned integrations of its chat services – Whatsapp, photo-sharing app Instagram, messenger, asking the social media giant to provide it with an “urgent briefing” on the entire proposals.

In a statement which has been revealed, the Dublin-headquartered Irish watchdog said it understood the plan was at a “very early conceptual stage.”

“While we able to understand that social media Facebook's proposal to integrate some of the social media channels like the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms is at a very early conceptual stage of development, the Irish DPC has asked Facebook and Ireland for an urgent briefing on what is being proposed,” the report said in a statement late on Monday.

“The Irish DPC will be very closely scrutinizing Facebook's plans as they develop, particularly insofar as they involve the sharing and merging of personal data between different Facebook companies,” it added.

According to the report which has been announced that all of the three Facebook apps will support end-to-end encryption but the company was yet to provide a timeline for when this will happen.

Instagram and Messenger would now even continue to operate as a standalone app.

According to the report which has been revealed, “previous proposals to share data between Facebook companies have given rise to significant data protection concerns, and the Irish DPC will be seeking early assurances that all such concerns will be fully taken into account by Facebook in further developing this proposal.”

“It must be emphasized that ultimately the proposed integration can only occur in the EU if it is even being able to capable of meeting all of the requirements of the GDPR,” the statement read in a statement.

The move could let the social channels giant to keep it out the higher number of user engagement to advertisers, thus, ramping up its advertising division at a time when the overall growth has even slowed down.

Facebook has the most users rather than of any other social media platform, and even by combining its assets this way, the company could more directly compete with the Google and iMessage messaging services, according to the report.

WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption – the hallmark of users' security – may also go for a toss if Facebook integrates the popular mobile messaging platform with not-that-secure Instagram and Messenger.