Google to Implement IR-Based Eye Detection on Pixel 4 Face Unlock

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As Google Pixel 4’s release is just around the corner, many testers and Pixel enthusiasts were worried about its Face Unlock. Google, now, announced that it would update the Face Unlock feature with eye detection. Yet it has also announced that the update would be in the coming months, meaning not for the first few months.  

Is Pixel 4 Face Unlock Secure? 

Pixel 4’s Face Unlock is the latest technology to unlock using Biometrics. It integrates better secure technology to detect your nose and facial bones. Currently, Apple's Face ID and the Pixel 4's Face Unlock are considered to be the most secure ways of unlocking. According to Google, compared to fingerprint, which is not part of Pixel 4, Face Unlock is more secure. Of course, you can unlock your phone in no time. Further, you don’t need to open your eyes to unlock, and all the problems lie there. 

As Google explains the Face Unlock procedure, it gives a few warnings as well. It will unlock even if we look at the phone unintentionally. Even your sibling with your face cut can unlock the phone. Plus, the eyes closed unlock. While Pixel 4 brings the super convenient unlocking system, the makers have missed certain security issues. Yet, it’s as secure as a fingerprint or even more than that. And the implementation of eye detection will ensure the best security. 

What’s Good About Pixel 4’s Eye Detection Unlocking?

Face Unlock is one of the most exciting features of Pixel 4 since it claims to be similar to Apple's Face ID. Even though there is no clue when the Eye Detection will be updated, it will strengthen security. The Infrared Sensor (IR) based eye detection will be available through a software update.

The announcement of the update before the Pixel 4 release emphasizes Google’s responsibility toward users’ feedback. Still, it will be a disappointment for the early users since it’s not available for a few months.


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