Spot.IM Raises $25M In Series D Funding

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Spot IM is a New York Based company which plays an essential role in digital media by handing the engagement & community platform. A recent update states that Spot.IM is about to get funding of around $25 million from the Insight Ventures Capital.

Now, if you look at social media marketing,  it has become one of the significant aspects for online companies to grow.  But, hardly anybody is making money with their web page. To make the task simpler, Spot.IM has been introduced. It is a technology that will help you to boost interaction with the customers. 

Spot IM believes in customer engagement possibility with a better comment section. The funding is all about increasing the activity with the help of the comment box. It will help online businesses to get a responsive comment section box, which will make your clients or users be on your webpage for a long time.

The whole fundraiser is to make the online business get a boost as it is expected to get more advertising revenue for publishers. Spot IM is looking forward to being a primary source which will help your business to get a revenue share model, and the tool will avoid organization to spend a considerable amount in different media companies. 

Spot IM will seamlessly work to help you with live conversations, live, and will update you with the latest notification. The company is expected to grow huge with thousands of business and millions of users using the services. 

Built-In NYC, Spot. IM's Chief Officer Robert Kulewicz unveiled uniquely new talkativeness which organizes data and comment feeds solely to precise websites. The user experience is expected to be similar to the comment scrolling down on Facebook. He said, "We will allow the businessman to have their social channels."

SPOT.IM CEO Nadav Shoval, said, " will provide technology to boost up business same like a social network." He also stated that the company focuses on getting traffic and engagement to the user website, which will help them to get more revenue through advertisement. Spot IM uses the latest machine that removes spam and explicit comment. 

When we look at the funding and the implementation going on, Spot.IM can be a fierce competition for the other commenting platforms like Disqus. The company with some big projects in mind will also be spending the financing on R&D and hiring. 

Well, we cannot doubt about the integrity and exceptional services they are going to offer. Spot.IM has already secured its niche in the digital environment, and it's assumed to be huge. 

The company has promptly proposed a funding total of $63 million to enhance the customer experience and helps the online business to reach out to a broad market. There have been a lot of new investors added with the existing Investor Insight Venture Partners. The new top investors are Norma Investments, Altair Capital, Cerca, and WGI Group.


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