Intel Acquires Fifteen Percent Shares In German Mapping Firm HERE

intel_hawthorn_farm_-_hillsboro_oregonThe chip maker giant, Intel announces that it will acquire a fifteen percent stake in German digital mapping firm HERE with an aim to push its expertise in the field of automated driving technology.

HERE’s current shareholders include AUDI AG, BMW AG and Daimler AG. The two companies have agreed to collaborate on the research and development of a highly scalable proof-of-concept architecture that supports real-time updates of high definition (HD) maps for highly and fully automated driving. The two companies also aim to explore the advancements of edge-computing devices with location data.

Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich said in a statement that cars are rapidly becoming some of the world’s most intelligent, connected devices and the Intel is looking forward to work with HERE and the company’s automotive partners to deliver an important tech foundation for smart cars of the future.

Just yesterday, it has come to our attention that Google is working with Ford Chrysler and the hand-on display of the Android Uconnect will be available at the CES 2017 from Jan 5-8. With. Uconnect was built to achieve seamless Android integration and excels in connectivity as it is compatible with Android applications which we use on everyday bases, such as, Google Assistant, Google Maps and popular Android apps like Pandora, Spotify, NPR One and Pocket Casts. Enhancing safety while driving

Tesla’s new Autopilot update can see what a human driver cannot see. Tesla said that it was using a radar technology in its vehicles to make them safer. The new update will predict an object that is dangerously close preventing accidents.

HERE and Intel plan to develop a design which will help make autonomous driving safe and predictable. For example, a regular navigation tech can pinpoint a given car’s location with in meters, but the next generation, HD mapping will give you the car’s location on centimeters. This would help vehicle’s position themselves to enable reliable autonomous driving functions.

“Cars are rapidly becoming some of the world’s most intelligent, connected devices,” said Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO. “We look forward to working with HERE and its automotive partners to deliver an important technology foundation for smart and connected cars of the future.”

This means that Intel will also be working with AUDI AG, BMW AG and Daimler AG to test the architecture. “ Intel and HERE envision making the architecture broadly available across the automotive industry as a seamlessly integrated offering that simplifies and shortens time of development for automakers”, Intel’s announcement noted.