Apple Might be Planning to Launch iPhone Manufacturing in India

apple_hkApple Inc. announced that it would start manufacturing iphone in india if the indian government waives off the custom duty fees on the import of components and gives fiscal concession. The same proposal was presented by the company on Tuesday to Nirmala Sitharaman, commerce and industry minister. This would add up to their previous announcement of their partner wistron plans to expand in India.

After that on Wednesday, an inter-ministerial panel took up this proposal made by the iphone maker to start full-fledged manufacturing of their popular brand in india. The high-level ministerial panel included officials from the departments like Commerce, revenue, industrial policy electronics, information technology, etc. The official source said that the panel has yet not made any final call on this proposal of making world’s best mobile phone in india by American multinational tech company.

Apple wants to grab indian market as it is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world and to look forward to setting up a local manufacturing unit that will reduce their cost. After a dialogue between indian officials and apple, a source confirms that the company is gradually looking forward in making india a major manufacturing hub for its products.

Currently, the indian government is giving the modified special incentive package schemes to promote manufacturing of electronics in india. Till now none of the manufacturing companies has demanded the sort of concession that is requested by Apple for starting its manufacture in India. Some sources also revealed that the indian government is keen on this valuable deal as it will only add substantial value addition in the country. We wish this deal gets the green signal which will further generate employment for the people.