Intel Acquires Netspeed Systems To Boost Its System Chip Business

Intel Corp. yesterday morning just unveiled that it has acquired NetSpeed Systems Inc., which is a partnership venture-backed startup which was founded in the year 2011 with the goal of speeding up semiconductor design.

NetSpeed’s one of the large focus area is system-on-chip development. An SoC is an integrated circuit that combines a processor with essential peripheral components such as memory in a single, compact unit. Such chips are considerably smaller than a traditional motherboard and use less power as well.

SoCs can be found in practically every modern smartphone, as well as a wide variety of other devices ranging from blood pressure monitors to autonomous vehicles. The intellectual property that Intel is gaining through the NetSpeed deal could potentially put it a better position to tap this increasingly important market.

The startup has developed a set of products which is merely used for creating interconnect technology, which is what links the individual components on an SoC. NetSpeed’s product portfolio is headlined by a design tool called NocSudio that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to speed up chip development. According to the startup’s website, the software can automatically find the best way to implement SoC specifications.

Intel in a report said the acquisition will help up to speed up internal SoC development initiatives which will also reduce the cost. NetSpeed is being folded into the chipmaker’s Silicon Engineering Group as part of the deal. Sundari Mitra, who is the startup’s co-founder and chief executive officer, will continue to lead her team in the role of vice president for future as well.

“Intel is designing more products with more specialized features than ever before, which is incredibly exciting for Intel architects and for our customers. The challenge is synthesizing a broader set of IP blocks for optimal performance while reining in design time and cost,” Jim Keller, head of Intel’s Silicon Engineering Group, said in a prepared statement. “NetSpeed’s proven network-on-chip technology addresses this challenge.”

Intel didn’t share the deal’s financial terms. NetSpeed has raised an amount of $13.2 million from investors prior to the acquisition at a $60 million valuation, according to market intelligence service PitchBook.

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