Instagram Introduces New Feature To Spot Phishing Mails

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Instagram is turning even more user-friendly with prolonged new updates. In 2019, it has witnessed several features to enhance the performance of shopping and content creation.

The latest update is to ensure account security and helps users to spot phishing emails, meaning it will tell you whether an email claiming to be from Instagram is fake or not. 

Emails filled with plenty of spam and fake mails claiming the authority of top sites have been very difficult for the users. Through those spam mails, the players get the personal information of the users.

Fortunately, the photo-sharing app is to tackle the rampant issue by introducing a new feature to check if Instagram really sent them an email.

Instagram Introduces New Feature To Spot Phishing Mails

Recently, cybersecurity firm SophosLabs had reported an Instagram phishing email campaign. The research shared the dangers of fake emails via fraudulent websites.

As a solution, Instagram is also emphasizing turning on two-step authentication to get an extra layer of protection.

"Bad players are getting better at imitating emails from Instagram, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to distinguish between a genuine email and a fake one," says an Instagram spokesperson.

The new security feature will be easily accessible. User has to go to the settings and select the security tab. The resultant "Emails from Instagram" will show the list of the security emails sent by Instagram in a 14 days time span. An additional tab will show emails Instagram sent that are not related to security issues. 

Cybercriminals are always searching for ingenious social engineering scams to play with users to get the personal information of the user.

The new security feature is a significant step toward ensuring the privacy and security of Instagram accounts. 

Instagram also introduces more effective ways to get solutions if your account is hacked. It demands to request a login link and reporting the fake account.


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