Instagram Disables Vertical Scrolling, Users Not Loving It

One of the largest social media channels which are owned by Facebook is currently going to roll out the new ways for the users to navigate with the help of their feed. As part of the new navigation system, Instagram users will now just have to slide from the left or right side of the screen to move up and down the feed in the form of a horizontal format. This means those were the traditional days of the vertical scrolling feeds when we used to do.

The feature looks to be rolling out for the iOS users soon and internet it already up in arms about this latest change. A number of users have taken to the social networking platform Twitter to express their displeasure over the new horizontal navigation adding that they are likely to use the app less after this change came into the picture.

The update just comes after this new navigation system was first spotted in a limited test look. It looks like the company is now rolling this change to a broader set of users. The company as of now has not issued any of the official statement on this new change, but it also looks like to be a fundamental change for the smartphone users. Many of the Twitter users have even termed as the (“Worst User Experience”) decision for the app.

Apart from just this, some of the reports about the rollout, some of the users have also reported that the horizontal scrolling appeared and then vanished after some point of time. No one is sure if this was because of the negative reaction on the social media platform or if it was a time-limited test that reached more users then it should have. There is also a report which stated that due to this new feature, there are several bugs which came onto the app.

With no official statement from the company side as of now. If you feel this change than you can tell us in the comment below or share your views.

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