Instagram Not Planning ‘Regramming’ Feature Anytime Soon

One of the largest Social media platform Instagram has denied in a report for the testing any native ‘Regramming' feature that could allow its 1 billion users to instantly repost someone else's post to their own account.

The report which has been leaked last week revealed that Instagram is working on building a new feature that would let users re-share others' posts. While Instagram initially did not comment on the report, it later told in a report that it is not working on any such feature as of now.

A ‘Regram' is a hashtag that you use when you repost something that you saw on someone else's Instagram, onto your Instagram account. Based on the leaks which has been revealed that, it looked like Instagram is testing a feature which is known by the name as “seamless sharing” that would come with a new “share to feed” option.

Currently, users are only allowed to share stories with two options either with the public Stories from open accounts or Stories where they are mentioned on their own accounts and this gives creators and business-runners who monetise their content on the photo-messaging app the control to monitor who is sharing their work on the platform.

Since the ‘Regramming' feature could make much more of the native reposting any content on Instagram as their own instantly, many users worry that it could ruin the photo-messaging app security-wise, with the help of creators which is as of now more focusing on the issue of their content “going viral”, the report added.

The screenshots claimed to have acquired displayed the re-shared posts appearing in the feed underneath the username and photo of the user who shared it according to their point of choice. The Instagram which is now wholly-owned by Facebook has also debated previously the merits of adding a native ‘Regramming' feature and so far, the company has appeared to be firmly against it.