Instagram Adds Voice Message Feature To DM

One of the largest social media platforms, Instagram is now adding up a new feature to its Direct Messages, where users will now be able to share the instant voice messages. Previously it was revealed, that Instagram was now testing up a new ‘walkie-talkie’ feature for the Direct and it looks now that it is official.

In an official tweet, Instagram has now confirmed that users will now be able to send the voice messages in direct. When a user opens a chat in Instagram direct now, they will see a mic symbol as well in the text box. Clicking on this will allow the user to send an audio chat.

A user can now also swipe up after the mic button, to lock up the audio recording and continue to record without having to keep the button pressed. If a user wants to trash the audio recording, they swipe to the trash symbol on the other side. There is also an option to unsend an audio recording. All a user need to do is to long press on the audio recording which a user has sent, and it will show up an option to unsend. If you wish to do so, just click on the same.

With Instagram adding an audio recording feature, one cannot help but notice the similarity with how this works on WhatsApp. The audio recording feature is quite popular on WhatsApp, especially in India, which has the largest user base for the messaging app.

Both apps are, of course, owned by Facebook, and the company has been steadily rolling out similar features across its suite of products.  Instagram got video call option this year, as well and the company plans to add group video calling to the platform as well.

For Facebook, Instagram is now an important source of revenue, and it also explains why the app is getting so many new features. Facebook needs to make sure that it gives all options to users on the app, which is gaining importance each day.

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