INK Is The AI-Powered Writing Tool With SEO Standards

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Writing isn't easy. It is an art-piece of creativity and thoughts. No matter if you are a book writer or any technical writer, the use of relevant words and engaging content is the soul of writing. Along with the writing skills, the tools for writing the draft is necessary to make the draft perfect and under the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standard.

INK app is one of the tools which helps the writer with the best suggestion and unique features considering SEO's standards. INK is a tool that enhances the content by marking the future aspects of Content Performance Optimization (CPO). INK is an AI build-in technology that offers a real-time integrated software that helps you to connect with content creation and its return on investment (ROI). 

From the age of 21, Michael Umansky is a successful entrepreneur and has founded Gazzang, SEO Aspen and Later in 2015, Michael founded INK with Alexander Ridder and Gary Haymann. Alexander, INK's CTO, an exceptional AI-expert who has consulted with over 100 companies in the areas of AI, application development, and marketing technology. On the other hand, INK's CRO Gary is an MBA graduate with outstanding sales and marketing skills.  

INK Is The AI-Powered Writing Tool With SEO Standards

Gary joined hands with serial tech entrepreneur Michael Umansky and AI specialist Alexander De Ridder. All three come with a vast digital marketing experience, which was enough to disrupt the entire SEO industry. 

They decerned recognized complexity, the power, and the underutilization of SEO and implemented that awareness to build a remarkable online experiment they would give substance to a theory how does Google’s Rankbrain AI act towards content. 

In 2018, the group filed for a patent and the world’s first real-time web content optimization platform created essentially for non-SEO experts came into existence.  

INK has critical features that include Customized Wordcount Goals, Supports Multiple Keyphrases, Spelling and Grammar, Customized Reading Levels, Meta Data Optimization, Captioning, and Alt Text

Drag & Drop Image Optimization. INK also has advanced accessibility features such as Dyslexia, Color-blind and Dark Theme.

INK provides benefits such as offline reading, note-taking by outlining, and auto-updates. It also has easy import and export of text file, .INK files make sharing, writing, and collaborating easy. INK has a "to-do" card structure, which prioritizes the content optimization tasks and helps users focus on only the weak areas of the writing. 

INK has a free version named INK For All, besides INK Standard and INK for All will be two paid versions, yet the prices are not revealed, but INK Standard will be for content creators who seek to increase competitive advantage for better performance.

On the other hand, INK Plus will be best for Teams and Businesses, who intend to drive their content marketing ROI and workflows to maximize productivity and performance. INK for All will be free for a lifetime, which will provide the advance CPO software for content writers. INK will be available for Windows, Mac OSX, and WP. 

INK platform is not only for content creators but can be used by engineers, designers, etc. INK is developed considering all the aspects of working fields, and INK's website claims that the team keeps on evolving and advancing new features to keep it smarter to work with users.


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