eSports Startup Infofed To Expand In More South Asian Countries

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Thailand-based eSports startup Infofed has secured funding that allows it to enter Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. Infofed secured the latest fund is from Japanese media company GameWith. The expansion will majorly take place in the year 2020. Earlier this year, the startup had received an undisclosed amount of investment in pre-series round A from Singapore VC and Thai events marketing firm EventPop. It closed its seed funding round in 2018.

Founded in 2015 by Jirayod Theppipit, Infofed is aiming to build innovate E-sports, and enhance the sports players and teams to strive for the best in Southeast Asia. It provides a solution for game providers, consumer brands, and esports communities online and offline. 

eSports Startup Infofed To Expand In More South Asian Countries

Infofed operates eArena, an online platform for professional gamers to manage content and organize competitive gaming matches. Thailand eSports Arena has hosted more than 50 events within 10 months by providing esports services along with the venue.

By 2025, Infofed aims to become the eSports industry leader in Southeast Asia. The company estimates to have been investing over US$1.6 million to the Infofed ecosystem, which includes eSports Arena, its production and event segment, and its esports streamers and influencers development business.

According to the Niko Partner reports, two-third of the population in gaming is interested in eSports and spread gamers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. Also, 42% of players from Southeast Asia, spend time on games. 

“Gamers in Southeast Asia are motivated by competition, completion, community, and challenge,” said Niko Partners Managing Director Lisa Cosmas Hanson. In late years, the popularity of eSports has spread across Southeast Asia. According to the research, it is the industry’s fastest-growing region, with more than 9.5 million eSports lovers, with 2.8 million in Vietnam and 2 million in Indonesia.


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