What Industries Will Dominate 2019 Holiday Shopping?

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Finally, Thanksgiving day is here, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming. The US is all set to enter the season. Many have already finished the significant share of holiday shopping and waiting to buy very important items with Black Friday deals. The drastic progress in digital shopping in the last few years is leveraging the overall holiday shopping. Above that, it has helped almost all product industries. But, will all the products show a growth rate in this Holiday season? Let us check out some industry experts’ predictions. 

The NPD Group analysis of the industry-based performance suggests that there would be a significant increase in the holiday season being Black Friday as the top shopping day. However, Cyber Monday deals will also make a huge impactNDP’s researchers in eight product industries have a different take on each industry. 

2019 Holiday Shopping

According to apparel industry expert Maria Rugolo, “apparel will likely have a soft holiday at retail this year.” She is calculating that there wouldn’t be a remarkable increase in the apparel industry compared to last year. Yet, it’s very important to note the role of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. Many apparel brands are spending a large share of creativity on social ads to turn social media users to buyers. At the same time, according to Deloitte’s estimation, clothing would be the top gift this season.

If the toy industry showed a poor performance in the last holiday season, this season will gain back the lost momentum. According to the industry expert Juli Lennett, the releasing of ‘Star Wars’,  'Frozen 2' has been quite impactful for the industry. Larissa Jensen, a beauty industry analyst finds mini beauty products dominating the makeup industry. Also, the arrival of some good fragrances from top brands would also make the holiday season profitable for the industry. 

Consumer technology will probably witness a 2.4% increase in sales compared to other seasons of 2019. Home appliances have already been enjoying good momentum since the beginning of the year, and so they will in the holiday season. At the same time, NPD  forecasts a decline in accessories and footwear. Yet, sports accessories will mark great sales.

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