Indian Startup Mota Chashma Opening Doors For Students

India is moving towards digital age at a fast pace. Introduction of better internet services has increased internet penetration. The education sector is growing tremendously with better internet services. Lokesh and Ankita Sabharwal, two alumni of XIMB Bhubaneshwar, established Mota Chashma to tap into this medium and help students all across the country. The founders felt that there are a lot of opportunities available for students regarding competitions, scholarships and career choices. But because of lack of awareness or proper counseling, students could not connect with these opportunities promptly. This is why Lokesh and Ankita bootstrapped Mota Chashma in October 2013.

About Mota Chashma

Mota Chashma is an education information portal that provides authentic information regarding scholarships, competitions, entrance exams and results in a timely and organized manner. The user base includes students, parents, schools, and colleges and the information is from various streams of education from primary level to post graduation. The platform also publishes multiple news articles and student success interviews. All the services provided by the platform are free of cost, and anyone can use them to find opportunities and grow their career.


Lokesh and Ankita have worked in the education sector in different phases. Lokesh had successfully run a company named “BRIDGE” and hosted a flagship campaign named “Paathshala 2 Profession” after his grad school. During the campaign, Lokesh and his team provided career support to more than 5000 students from Roorkee, India and nearby districts. Later a case study published on the company in Asian Case Research Journal (ACRJ) at the National University of Singapore. Ankita has worked in various projects related to education which also includes her project under Ministry of Human Resource Development, India where she surveyed to assess the reasons for student dropouts from the elementary level education in 21 states of India. Both had first hand experienced the pain points of education in India and wanted to build something to provide a solution for people.

They faced many challenges during the initial stage of the company. Lokesh’s friend helped him to set up his website and create the logo for the company. Getting good clients to work with them was a big challenge because when they started the company, they were working out of the living room of their 2BHK apartment. But the team did good work for their clients which helped them establish long-term contracts to expand the company. Currently, Mota Chashma is working with some of the biggest brands in the education sector in India. The company has completed four & half years since its inaugural and is profitable even without any external funding. Mota Chashma was ranked in Top 10 of the best startups in Education sector by Silicon India Magazine in 2017.

Final Turn

Lokesh emphasizes the use of technology to gain a competitive advantage over other players in the country. The management information systems used in the company help the team organize the work in a much more efficient manner and be responsive be any scenario. They have used different SaaS-based tools to make their platform highly receptive to new opportunities. The company plans to expand drastically across India to increase their reach to students in even the remote areas of the country. They are also looking for funding to expand globally as the founders feel that their business model can be sustainably replicated in other developing countries and help students grow all over the globe.