Indian IT Infrastructure Is Suiting-Up With AI And ML

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The IT infrastructure of Indian firms needs advance technologies to store data and to digitalize the services of the IT business with AI and Machine Learning. Budding startups are seeking favorable circumstances for getting on board with AI and Machine Learning. 

The Information Technology sector is one of the growing arenas of India amongst the top five sectors, which includes Infrastructure, Financial Services, Automotive, Healthcare. IT sector majorly consists of Information Technology solutions and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

IT sector contributed 1.2% of India’s GDP in 1998, added more 6.5% to the GDP growth in 2017. India’s success stories built with IT services and solutions, which lead to the growth of $181 billion in the financial year 2018-19, with the growth of India’s ai economic ecosystem.  

Indian IT Infrastructure Is Suiting-Up With AI And ML

India’s old IT systems are slow and laggard, yet IT services of India have always remained a crucial factor for the growth in making India as a developing country. India has struggled a lot to stand with other developed countries by adopting new technologies and methods.

The new era of technology includes robotics, AI, Blockchain, ML, autonomous IT, IoT, etc. India is stepping forward to accept and learn AI and ML; this technology has a huge algorithm and programming. With acceptance, India needs to upgrade the older infrastructure.  

The council on India’s advantages as market leaders, named ETILC was attended by leading IT sector representatives. They said that India has the potential to hold a firm grip on AI; India has the upper hand in the offshore industry, IT solutions, and ecosystem of a technology startup with diverse ideas as compared to other countries.

The skills of artificial intelligence and data science are being trained to a considerable number of professionals and beginners of India. Two-third of Indian learners are below 35 years and almost half of it is below 25 years of age. India will be the youngest country by 2020 in the world with an average age of 29 years.


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