ImageBiopsy Lab Upholds The Future of AI-Based Healthcare

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The recent innovations in healthcare prove the capability of artificial intelligence to transform the industry. Many existing healthcare firms are adopting AI as the trademark of the company, and new AI-based startups are also sprouting up.

The Vienna based medical high-tech company, ImageBiopsy is revolutionizing the bone disease diagnosis with its automated processing of X-ray imaging and extraction of quantitative biomarkers.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Physicians?

The Austrian based IB Lab’s answer for this common assumption is no. Instead, it presents artificial intelligence to healthcare as a most productive tool.

The team aims to help the physicians to speed up the diagnosis with AI. Also, it enables a robust communication between doctor and patient. 

Solution For The Subjective Mistakes During Diagnosis 

The mistakes in the diagnosis are natural, and it happens because it is subjective. The mistakes lead to the wrong treatment or leaving the physicians perplexed.

The AI-based software platform delivers accurate bone data to help physicians make all their treatment as it bridges the gap between the detection and diagnosis of bone diseases. Above that, ImageBiopsy Lab is one of the path makers of AI-based support of the medical diagnosis.

ImageBiopsy Lab Upholds the Future of AI-Based Healthcare

How ImageBiopsy Lab Works?

Even though it started with 2D x-ray image processing, but now the software is capable of providing 3D images. The team claims that the processed images can be used for several problems that come under classical orthopedics with the joints of the musculoskeletal system and clinical traumatology. 

The radiologists and orthopedic surgeons who are benefitting from IB Lab confirm that the scope the AI software provided for comparing the diagnosis had largely increased their productivity and efficiency. 

Currently, the team offers three software solutions: IB Lab KOALA (knee osteoarthritis labeling assistant), IB Lab PANDA (Pediatric Bone Age and Developmental Assessment, and IB Lab HIPPO (Hip Angle Measurement)

The Steps Toward Establishment

ImageBiopsy is a brainchild of a 12+ team of engineers, physicians, and scientists. With the collaboration of different fields, the company could establish its name in AI-based diagnosis.

The team confronted with the startup-building challenges in the beginning as it was introducing a novel software solution that did not exist before. It bagged the Born Global Champion Award, an Austrian Federal Economic Chamber WKO award, in 2017. Two more awards came its way in the same year for the innovative venture. 

At the end of 2017, the company made its first partnership with Braincon GmbH & Co KG (BCT). The collaborations and investments were continued in 2018 as well. The later collaborations were with EnvoyAI and Image Analysis Group, an artificial intelligence distribution platform based in Boston and London respectively. 

Now, the software developed by ImageBiopsy Lab is part of the radiology technology curriculum in Austria. According to the CEO Dr. Ing. Richard Lujuhar, America is a big market for IB Lab software, and it is trying to expand in the US. 

The Scope of AI In Healthcare

ImageBiopsy Lab’s innovative idea is a real motivation for those who believe in the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The field is so vast and demands innovations to make productive healthcare in the world. 


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