IBM Patents an Electronic Smartwatch That Transforms into a Tablet

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Do you know IBM was the first-ever company to sell a smartphone with a touchscreen display for sending emails in 1994? Since then, they come up with new innovations and launch products into the market, grabbing the customers attention. 

Of all, smartphones have turned from a luxurious to the necessity item over the years. Now people have come to the stage where they cannot imagine life without mobiles. A recent survey reveals that there will be 250 million smartphone users in the USA by 2020 and will be a steady growth every year.  

With the evolution of smartphones, the manufacturers try to cope up with the on-going trends. IBM is one such popular company that now comes with a foldable smartwatch to display the folds into a tablet. 

 IBMs folding smartwatch

As per the reports by LetsGoDigital, IBM (American Computer Manufacturer) patents an electronic device with multi-fold display to switch between a smartwatch, smartphone, and tablet. Further, it is entitled “Variable display size for an electronic display device”. Since then, it got approved in June 2019 by USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). 

Earlier, Samsung, Huawei, and LG companies proposed to launch new foldable phones but failed to release into the market because of the breakage issues. Now, IBM has come up with the latest technology of foldable smartphones by understanding the customer's pulse. 

Coming to the specifications, it appears to be a rectangular-shaped smartwatch with a thick casing beneath the display. It features panels that unfold into a big screen of size 12*8 inches (4->3*2) and conveniently held in two hands. Depending on the requirement, the panels can be re-adjusted to resemble like a smartphone. 

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