I-ON Communications Unveils Google Contacts Management Service

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I-On Communications, a Seoul-based global enterprise software company that provides digital marketing solutions and services in a handful of areas, is moving further with innovative ideas. The new addition to its service is Contact Editor, a Google contacts management solution. I-On Communications unveiled the brand new product on Monday. 

I-On Communications is the subsidiary platform owned by the Software giant I-ON Digital Corp. which has been present in the software ground for a couple of decades. After being awarded I-ON Digital’s first of six key patents by 2003, I-ON grew with a breakneck pace.

Having an established presence in the industry, I-ON Communications is delivering digital marketing services, CMS, data management, and digital and other related services.

I-ON Communications Unveils Google Contacts Management Service

There is a frequent transformation in the businesses of our customers, and the database increases by fast growth. It demands a large chunk of time to work on the contact management, says the I-ON Communications Representative.

“We are pleased to announce the official release of the first version of Contact Editor, Google contacts managing Chrome extension, a solution that we hope will save our clients a lot of time and bring them business success," he added.

The latest Google contact management service will be an unprecedented solution for the management of the Google address book. The solution super-simplifies the customization as it adds in a spreadsheet in a single click. 

No matter if you have thousands of Google contacts in the book, you can easily work on it in no time. The additional option of synchronization between PC and mobile phones in real-time doubles the benefits of the new solution.

According to the firm, Contact Editor will accommodate highly productive tools for segmentation, merging, mass addition, and deletion, finding, and maintaining contacts. By introducing the new tool, the Korean software solution provider expects to make the laborious and time-consuming contacts and business cards management fast and hassle-free.'


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