BTS and Hyundai Launches Hyundai's Dedicated EV Brand IONIQ Song ‘IONIQ: I'm On It’

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Global superstars BTS and Hyundai Motor Company are together releasing a new song, 'IONIQ: I'm On It,' for its brand new dedicated EV brand 'IONIQ in charge of turning the world'- in the following event to Hyundai Motor's launch campaign.

On 31st August at 7:00 PM (KST), Hyundai and BTS' collaborative first music project will be available for free download on the brand's website. On 2nd September at 11:00 AM (KST), the company will premier its music video on its official worldwide YouTube channel (@HyundaiWorldwide). 

The brand song 'IONIQ: I'm On It' gives voice synchronize with IONIQ's goal to provide customer-centric EV self-centered experiences on connected lifestyle solutions. The lyrics of the song are sung and rapped by BTS's RM, SUGA, Jin, j-hope, V, Jimin, and Jung Kook, conveying feelings of curiosity, discovery, creativity, hope, and inspiration for the future, proclaimed by the theme 'IONIQ takes me there.' The music video will majorly feature Hyundai's newest concept of EV Prophecy, which was disclosed in March.

IONIQ is a new dedicated EV brand of Hyundai Motor, which strengthens the giant's commitment to clean mobility, alongside reflecting its ongoing transformation as a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. IONIQ mainly focuses on offering customer-centric EV experiences aiming at connected lifestyle solutions along with Hyundai's vision of 'Progress for Humanity'. 

BTS and Hyundai Launches Hyundai's Dedicated EV Brand IONIQ Song ‘IONIQ: I'm On It’

Under IONIQ, Hyundai Motor is planning to launch 3 new dedicated EV models in the next 4 years along with more innovative models to follow, including a mid-sized CUV titled IONIQ 5, a sedan named IONIQ 6, and a large SUV names IONIQ 7. 

Hyundai Motor Company's Global Chief Marketing Officier and Executive Vice President, Wonhong Cho said, he hopes that Hyundai and BTS's latest collaboration song cheers the global fan base of the band and the drawn attention of its customers to Hyundai's vision for clean mobility, which is being registered through its new IONIQ EV brand.

Wonhong Cho added that BTS and Hyundai Motor have continued to partner with the spread of the value of the positive energy, which they pursue together beyond advertising specific vehicles. The new collaboration is Hyundai Motor's answer to sustainable global communities and the environmental problems that Gen-Z generations and Millennials are concerned about. They will suggest the substance by accelerating the EV vision for the future, he said.

They would communicate the customer-centric EV experiences that the IONIQ brand would bring, genuinely to customers and many fans around the world through brand music.

Fans who wish to further celebrate IONIQ with BTS could participate in its online event for a chance to win a limited-edition cassette tape-shaped music player. The music player contains two tracks – 'IONIQ: I'm On It' and exclusive individual messages from every band member.


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