Henry Ford Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate In COVID Patients

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A study published by a health care organization named Henry Ford Health System has suggested that Hydroxychloroquine, a controversial drug promoted by President Donald Trump, has significantly cut the death rate in COVID-19 hospitalized sick patients without any side-effect of heart-related issues.

As per a hospital press release, 6 hospitals of Henry Ford Health System has analyzed 2,541 patients hospitalized in the duration from 10th March to 2nd May, has found that 13% of those patients treated with Hydroxychloroquine drug alone died compared to 26.4% who were not treated with the drug.

The study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases has also said that no patients had documented severe heart abnormalities. However, patients who were routinely monitored for a heart condition had given reason to avoid the drug as a COVID-19 treatment.

Henry Ford Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate In COVID Patients

According to the study, just after the admission, a significant part of patients received drugs- 82% of patients within 24 hours, and 91% of them within 48 hours of admission. The patients under the study were all under the age group of 18 to 64 years. Of that group, men accounted for 51% and 56% of African Americans. Alongside this, some previous studies had mentioned no benefit to using the Hydroxychloroquine drug.

Henry Ford Health System Infectious Disease of division head Dr. Marcus Zervos stated that the research has been peer-reviewed and highly analyzed. They attributed their findings that vary from other research to early treatment. A part of an intervention combination was done in supportive care of patients, which includes careful cardiac monitoring.

Dr. Marcus Zervos added that our dosing also varies from other researchers who do not show any benefit of the drug. Other findings are either not peer-reviewed and have limited numbers of patients with different patient populations or other variations in the condition from our patients.

President Donald Trump shocked some people when he revealed that he was consuming Hydroxychloroquine drugs as prophylactic. In the month of May, he said that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine, at that time and a couple of weeks ago, he started consuming it. Cause he thinks it is good, and he heard a lot of good stories about that drug. 

The Henry Ford study also established that patients were treated with azithromycin alone or a combination of azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine manage slightly better than those who are not treated with the drugs.


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