Human Proof Designs Offer Products and Services that Make Affiliate Business Convenient

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To start working in affiliate marketing, there are many things to be considered and everything starts from selecting the best niche and how we can make a profit. There are a few issues, such as how can we get content to convert, how to outsource that content, and searching for the best keywords.  These are the things that stop beginners from going into affiliate marketing. Therefore, a startup called “Human Proof Designs” has a solution for everyone where it will give you the niche, keyword, and it will give you exact training to be successful.

In 2013, Dominic Wells founded Human Proof Designs. It offers training and services of affiliate sites that help you grow your own online business. It provides services such as Ready-Made Niche Sites, Custom Made Niche Sites, Aged Sites, eBook, storyboard videos, SEO packages, press release, Ready Made Keyword Packs, Custom Keyword Packs, Human Proof Method, new keyword and content method and many more. 

Dominic Wells has done B.A. in Media practice and Theory from the University of Sussex. Dominic started HPD in 2013 because he knew that most of the people are selling trash websites on Flippa and people buying sites and expecting to make more profit on autopilot. 

Human Proof Designs Offer Products and Services that Make Affiliate Business Convenient

He knew that these people will fail at some stage because they were using junk websites, and they were not getting the reason behind their failure. The reason was pretty simple that these people don't have a proper idea of product and business. Hence, Dominic is offering something better and legit which will help people with the “Done For You” service. Later, he realized that he should give them training. Since most people do not understand what to do on this site. 

Therefore, HPD and blogs were created. At this point, he was a part-time English teacher, along with his part-time affiliate site income. Every time he earned money, he invested in HPD to scale up its services.

Nowadays, Affiliate marketing is everywhere such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube and Email. The only problem that we get from these channels is inconsistent income. Thus, HPD had cracked a code for earning consistent revenue. It has created its first affiliate website and it tells you exactly what is needed to rank profitable sites. 

When it comes to the Human Proof method, HPD has monthly training, a proven system to success, coaching, and community. For the website services, it has sites, content, SEO, keywords packs and training.

Human Proof designs are the best provider of affiliate sites, and it has a legendary community of affiliate marketing go-getters. Currently, it has created more than 1350 Affiliate sites, 41K+ articles written, 179+ keyword research and 8K+ backlinks built.

You can sign up for the 14-day trial, which includes coaching with the HPD leadership team, live training every month, latest tips and advice, training modules along with an evergreen proven system. Moreover, you can get human proof designs coupons and get a discount on your purchase. 

In 2017, Human Proof Designs scale up its business by $1.1 million in sales, that was the first time a startup had ever crossed a seven-figure threshold. Moreover, it had reached a mark of $1.3 million in 2018.

Human Proof Designs offers several types of affiliate services and products. It is aiming to provide all the sites, content, SEO, keywords packs and training to people to help grow their online business.


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