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Hubstaff is a unique time tracking solution with the tools for the employees to carefully balance their time spent on the projects. It is especially good for the companies that have remote employees, freelancers or contract workers.

The solution is entirely based on the cloud. Employees clock in an out on their computer and track their productivity online. Managers are also able to report and monitor how employees spend time with a number of advanced tools.

Let us look at some of the features of Hubstaff:

Application and Website monitoring

Do you know what websites your team uses at the time of work?

Around 70% of the employees use social media regularly at the time of work hours. As a result of which, your team loses 15% of the productivity hours every day.

When your employees begin tracking their time, Hubstaff tracks their website and application activity too. The software also displays what percentage of their time which they spend on each application or website. You can even view some of the specific URL’s your employees accessed at the time of the entire day.

Screenshot Monitoring

You can't always check whether your employees are away or are at their desk. In the case of remote teams, there is no quick way of finding out whether your employees are working or are running personal errands during the work hours. The employee monitoring tool allows you to take the screenshots of your employee screen every 10 minutes. The screenshot feature allows you to view your entire team screen on one page.

Employee Location Monitoring

While managing a remote team it is much more complicated to track where your employees are located at any given time. They could be working from home or neighborhood café. They could also be on a lunch break and may also not be available for the project update that you decided to set up.

Hubtaff for both the Android and the iOS app has a location monitoring feature that tracks your remote employee location at the time of work hours. It can estimate how much time your employee spend on consuming, doing the personal stuff, or working from a specific location.

Payroll Management

Tracking each employee working hours and salaries with the excel sheets and then individually transforming their payments can take up a lot of your time.

The payroll tool calculates your consultant payouts based on the hours logged by the system. You can then even link up their PayPal accounts and set up a proper time frame according to the weekly, monthly, etc for transferring the payments.

Your team gets paid based on the number of hours they spend on their project and not by how much time they spent in an office. Of course, in case of employees who get a fixed salary, the feature is also available and can be disabled.



To Sum Up

Tracking your team’s work is a lot simpler with the Hubstaff. As it is more oriented towards helping your team become much more productive rather than just track them. Its advanced feature encourages employees to build more productive habits at work.


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