HP Collaborates With PayPal For The Launch Of New Engage POS System

In a move to just target the small and medium-sized businesses and hospitality companies, HP has revealed that it now teamed up with the PayPal to release what it calls an “all in one” point of sale unit, with the PayPal handling the payment processing and some other financial related services.

According to the report which has been revealed, the GM and VP of the Retail Solution for the HP Aaron Weiss said that the HP had not made many of the strides in the SMB market.

Just because if that, HP is “using the success that we have had in the upper tiers of the retail and hospitality market and bringing that together in a way that addresses needs of some of the SMB retailers and hospitality operators,” Weiss said.

The Android-based Point of Sale will be called the HP Engage One Prime. According to the news and report which has been revealed by the HP, it is optimized in a much more specifically for the SMB’s in the hospitality and retail solutions. It will also be going to have an integrated magnetic card reader, near the field communications and a barcode scanner that is also based on the camera.

Now the customers are going to have some of the customizations options when they acquire the unit, and can even choose the speed of the CPU, the amount of the storage and memory that they need and a slew of the other sort of options. For the processing part, of the EVM payment methods, HP said that it was also relying on the PayPal for the hardware.

The companies will now also going to provide the customers with a hardware suite, the POS software and help with the setup and maintenance. HP said that it will also work with some other payment providers just after with the PayPal and that it will also going to bundle some of the independent software vendors with the Engage as well.

“We saw a  huge opportunity with this product to create with some of the more partnership with a key major player in this space in payments, and that is what we have had with PayPal,” Weiss said. “It is just like an opportunity for us to use their much more leadership with the help of payment services, and their experience and reach with the market that is provided by the SMB. They are also a trusted and recognized brand, and they have fantastic customer support as well.”

The POS suite should be available next month, HP said.