Startup In Review: Holon | Generate Synth Music From Daily Activities

If you are so fond of listening to music, then Holon is an app which is best recommended for you.

What is Holon?

Holon is an auditive mixed reality app that uses the latest IoT data bio-musicological principles to let you create synth music with your basic physical activities.

Now Holon has also passed with the bonus pre-feature: Ableton Link Support. Apple Watch app available for the heart rate BPM to tempo and more.

The following are some of the most significant features of Holon:


Functional music can improve endurance, concentration, and performance. For example at the time of walking or running. It can also be used for yoga, relaxation, dance, meditation or anything which involves motion. Holon combines sensor data from the different wide range of sources with the synthesis parameters to create a perceptually grounded functional music experience.

All your activity and step rate control the tempo and energy of the music, while on the other hand more musical content is generated in the real-time scenario from your heading, weather, health data, time of the day and many more other signals.

Adaptive, contextual biomusic presents with a new kind of medium for the exploration and empowerment. It is an immersive first-person experience.


Holon is based on the principle of effective design and biomusciology and puts the user in the center of an open world of the synthesized sound. It is a passive app, where the user biomedical movement and bio-signals from the musical circuitry.

Holon passive operation ensures that should be an increased presence and motivation with the proprioceptive musical feedback. Functional biomusic emphasizes entertainment over the entertainment.


Holon enables the auditory and biofeedback motor coactivation or the perception-action coupling. Holon works with the entertainment and physical experience of the relationship between the sound and motion. Holon provides with a synthetic musical accompaniment that is closely linked to your biology, level of activity and environment.

Moreover, in just adding to the proprioceptive feedback, Holon generates with a pulse signification and soon respiratory locomotor feedback, with the upcoming iBreve breath sensor.