Hjalmar’s Grid Comes To Redefine Spreadsheet

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October 17 marks the world spreadsheet day. VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for Apple II, the same day in the year 1979. Throughout the long years, spreadsheets changed, modified, and advanced at different levels. People used it in almost all sectors and its potential in bringing various applications. Hjalmar Gislason strongly believes that a spreadsheet can deliver extraordinary output, and Grid is an output of this thought.

How Hjalmar Gislason Reached Grid?

Grid is not a starting point or Gislason, but a milestone. He is a startup veteran with over twenty years of experience. He started building startups in 1996 by founding a game development company Lon&Don with three friends. Later, he worked in different industries and sectors. Sprul.net, DataMarket, is founded by Hjalmar.

He served at prestigious positions in reputed companies as well. With the expertise in the spreadsheet and recognizing the vast significance of spreadsheets, Hjalmar launched Grid on September 1st, 2019. 

Hjalmar’s Grid Comes To Redefine Spreadsheet

The Concept Behind Grid

The first and last reason to start Grid is ‘spreadsheet is not mere a table’. As the spreadsheet has gone through different developments, the application and productivity as well. It has been used in almost all fields for various uses, yet many people go beyond the primary functions of spreadsheet despite its myriad ways. 

With Grid, you can turn any spreadsheet into a marvelous, interactive web document that can be securely shared online. As its motto says “give your spreadsheet wings.”

Spreadsheet In The Business World

Hjalmar firmly believes that spreadsheets have an extraordinary power to turn a business into a success. According to him, the biggest competitor in your business is a spreadsheet. 

How we use this computer application matters a lot, especially when you wish to compete with your competitors. By capitalizing its exponential potential, you can have an upper hand over your competitor. 

A Frequent Engagement on Social Media

Hjalmar and the team always engage and provide various spreadsheet concepts through Grid’s social media platform pages. The legacy of the founder plus social media engagement widens the popularity of Grid. Besides, its blog is an excellent source of knowledge.

One Year Growth 

Even though the 13-members team did not develop complete technology, a lot of users signed up for the trial version of the product. While it is in the process of full development, it raised $4.5M within one year. It is planning to bring more features to the product in the coming weeks. The team is also going to double soon. 

Last week GRID had been selected for the national finalist shortlist in the categories "Newcomer of the Year" and "Best Fintech Startup" in the Nordic Startup Awards 2019.


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