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Thousands of startups bubble up every year and failed to choose the right designer, which in turn leads a huge loss. 

Hiring a designer is a troublesome process if you are unaware of live projects in an organization. You may collect bulk resume, conduct interviews, discussions to meet the standards. But what could be the ultimate result? Do they fit your business? Are they going to join in your company? Or do you offer high-package than their skills? Well, you don’t have to. 

Design Pickle comes the way for digital marketers, startup companies, agencies, recruiters to let them pick a graphic designer according to the nuts and bolts of an organization.  

This turns to be a life-changing option by offering exceptional services to the clients. It was first laid in 2015 by Russ Perry with a sparkling idea of everyone must enable seamless and reliable design services on a regular basis at flat-prices. And it has overcome all the hurdles faced by a startup company. 

DesignPickle Designer Pro 

Moreover, this is considered to be the first-ever designing platform that let users interact with professional graphic designers to guide or make necessary changes as per the business niche. 

With just a few clicks, you will be given a dedicated person to collaborate with the workforces. Before subscribing to the Pro plan, you can refer the work samples in digital, print, and infographic formats. 

The team is full of young talents and professionals who maintain a friendly relationship with the clients and come with a new approach for every problem, which lags in most of the online designing services. 

Only Design Pickle Pro users get premium services like stock photos to use on the website, blog, or e-commerce store, API access to monitor the workflow, live chat with the core team, and 21days of money refund guarantee. 

With an investment of $995/month, you get full control over the designing services by collaborating with Slack, Getty images, multi-user account, infographics, illustrations, and GIFs. If you are a fan of discounts and offers, grab it by applying Design Pickle Coupon

How does it work? You have to drop requirements via custom software/email. Depending on your request and priority, the work will be assigned. Now, just wait for a couple of days to receive the eye-feasting visuals.


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