Basis To Enhance Women’s Finance Management Skills In India

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Despite women’s good financial management skills, they do not have a credible platform to learn more about the field in a comprehensive way. 

The lack of such a platform made women lag in the field. However, things have changed drastically to empower women in every sector, and the arena of finance is not an exception. 

Hena Mehta, the founder, and CEO of Basis wasn’t happy with the statistics of the Indian females’ scanty interference in the financial affairs of the household.

The FinTech expert who worked in both America and India in past years determined to bring a solution and rolled out Basis in 2018. 

This pretty new platform that handles personal finance for women is a novel idea in India as well. Even though there are several platforms for finance solutions, it’s for the first time exclusively for women. The Basis app stands distinguished because of its engaging and bite-sized content.

Basis CEO Hena Mehta

As it started in 2018, it’s in its pre-seed investment stage, and more travel to empower women in India. The brilliant plan deserves loud applause, and it is going to boost the women economy in India.

Firstly, it reaches out to all women who would like to invest in getting sound profit. With bite-sized content, every woman can learn all the aspects of finance irrespective of her knowledge in the field. Yet, it targets women working in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in the beginning stage. 

According to Hena, each woman is an integral part of a family as well as society. Moreover, women are capable of managing finance efficiently.

The lack of support and assistance made men dominant in finance. As a FinTech expert and a woman who knows the pathetic condition of women in the society, Hema has set up the Basis to get maximum output. 

She started her career as building technology products at Goldman Sachs after she graduated in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania.

She worked there for almost five years and decided to come back to India and worked for two years as a product manager. She beavered away to set up her own company in these two years, and the Basis was born.  

Besides the finance tips, the eight-team is knitting a broad net to find secure investment plans for women. The updated Basis with a multitude of reliable investment plans will soon be available for women in India. 

The Basis app is getting pretty good feedback from the customers, and it motivates the founder to move further with innovative ideas to empower women.


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