Guesty | An Airbnb Property Management And Service Tool

Guesty An Introduction

Guesty is a cloud-based, a property management system which is designed exclusively for the Airbnb and vacation rental managers. The platform was created with just having one purpose in mind – to tackle the needs of many property managers across the globe by providing them with the automation tools, reporting capabilities and channel management.

Guesty allows you to oversee every area of daily operations and maintain high-quality service for clients. You can also manage more properties with multiple Airbnb accounts altogether with more than two dozens of different booking platforms.

Let us look at some of the features of Guesty:

Powerful Automation

Guesty offers you an array of automation tools to handle repetitive tasks and streamline business operations. Everything from listing pricing, replying to guests, and even reviewing staff’s tasks can be automated to help you shift the precious time from daily operational management and focus more on strategically expanding your business. You can also create sequences of customized messages and have them conveyed out to guests before, during or after their stay.

Multiple Channel Management

Manage and smoothly distribute listing with multiple channels and websites with functionality of Guesty’s channel management. It offers you to seamlessly distribute your listings with more than 30 major online travel agencies and vacation rental sites such as the HomeAway,, Airbnb, Expedia, and more.

All the pricing and availability for your channels are synced into one multi-calendar which you can even adjust to include the last minute deal, season or any other changes.

Seamless Payment Processing

You can utilize Guesty’s transparent system of payment processing which is much more designed for property managers for a reliable and easy collection of accommodation fares, together with all reservation related fees. With all the transactions details and credit card information securely stores and saved, you do away from requiring returning guests to provide you with billing information again.

Guesty’s tools of reporting allow you to create a weekly summarize of cancellations, payments, and check-ins.


Guesty charges a commission that starts at 3% per booking. Their services are customizable depending on specific business needs. Interested users should contact their sales team directly to inquire. Fees from similar companies usually cost around $10 to $35/month for basic services, while the more extensive ones cost around $50 to $100+/month.

To Sum Up

Overall, Guesty offers the great features to be used for managing the property of Airbnb. Guesty provides property managers and management companies with an end-to-end solution to simplify the complex operational needs of short term rentals.