Digital Consultancy Firm GSD Company Rebrands To Plative

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GSD Company, one of the fastest-growing startups in the United States, rebrands as Plative. With its immense development in four years made GSD famous in the digital consultancy sector. As part of the latest move, it chose a name that visions a great philosophical concept.

The digital transformation services provider’s new name, Plative renders the legacy of the Greek philosopher Plato and his Academy of North Athen. 

Gregory DelGenio, partner and CRO of Plative, explained the reference of Plato in a press release. In Ancient Greece circa 429 BC, the socioeconomic status of a person is determined by his/her birth, meaning the condition of his family.

A farmer's child was destined to farm, baker's to bake, blacksmith's to forge, and so on. Plato founded the Academy of North Athens during that time to transform the pathetic condition.

Academy believed in self-respect and individual capability and willingness. Plative also follows the same theory of the greatest philosopher of all time, and the new identity is meant for it.

Digital Consultancy Firm GSD Company Rebrands To Plative

GSD Company brought significant news about its developments in 2019. The sprouting digital-first management consulting firm opened an office in Mumbai, India.

In March, the company acquired Toronto-based Audaxium, an Oracle NetSuite cloud services consulting partner. Also, it made its name in the latest Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. 

Now, eminent business firms from financial services, professional services, nonprofit, technology, media, and consumer industries are working with Plative.

Some of the popular companies include Viking, King Street, Scribe America, Bloomberg, Bonobosand, and many more. 

According to Naushad Parpia, Partner and CEO of Plative, the venture's mission has always been to thrive globally by offering the best service to its customers. It aims at a novel and creative identity that would lead to the vision for the future. 

The team has launched a new website as part of the rebranding with several changes from the prior website. To provide the latest leadership trends, a blog named Plative Insights also added. Now, the website is more convenient with a pretty good interface.


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