Google’s AI Brings Us The Most Human-Like Experience

If you heard the conversation which involves two women over the booking of an appointment for a haircut, you'd understand why it's the most talked about thing on the internet right now. Infact among the two women we hear over the phone call, only one among them is an actual woman while the other one is the most life like AI ever made, This phenomenon of Google is built with a technology called Duplex, developed by product designers, engineers in New York, Tel Aviv, Mountain View.

This demo was a part of an experiment conducted by Google, which it plans to launch officially this summer. This will be used by a small group of people for hair appointments, restaurant reservations, things which you would do normally. Google says it will be limited and it won't be available for everyone today. “We want to proceed with caution”, says the Search giant's Vice President of Product and Design for Google Assistant and Search, Nick Fox, and, Google's Vice President of Engineering, Yossi Matias. They didn't reveal if they'll be bringing this life like sounding Assistant to more products. Fox adds, “What's a perfect Assistant?” , “When I want an Assistant with me, it's always there, ready to help. I don't need to worry about what my Assistant can do. It can do anything I want it to do”.

It's been almost two years since the first announcement about the Assistant back in 2016. At the time, Sundar Pichai told CNET that the Assistant is the essence of Google. The goal is to have Google's AI working parallel with you in everyday life. But if this dream of Google becomes a reality, then, you will have a digital assistant. Pichai adds, “Think of the Assistant as your very own, individual Google”. Meanwhile, Google updated Assistant with the ability to speak in six new voices, other than the one male and one female it already has, to gain more user popularity.

The Google's Assistant which brings us a human like experience could be the next evolution, competitor to Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and, Apple's Siri.

Source: CNET

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