Google to Migrate Messages To Online Portal

One of the largest product based company Google will now soon going to be moving out from its “Messages” web app from the Android own web portal to the Google main site according to the new code change which is spotted in the Chromium Gerrit source code. This means that the company will now soon move its messages platform from the “”

This change was first spotted by the Chinese website firm. According to the report which has been revealed, this code change is a simple mechanism that will tell the Chromebooks to cease using the URL when with the help of any of the better together features and instead to shift to the URL.

This change will not arrive in the Chrome OS until the version 72 or 23 both of which as of now scheduled to go live to 2019. As of now, does not exist, moreover, with this change in the Chromium source code, the page might also go live very soon.

If and when this happens, the users will stay totally unaffected as Google will most likely to keep both the URL’s life and with a redirect set on the Android URL as of now.

Google has recently been phasing out it's Android branding from most of its product for the reasons which are not known as of now. The company recently renamed many of the apps with the Android moniker like the Android Pay, Android Messages and Android Wear to Google Pay, messages and Wear OS, accordingly.

Apart from just that the company is doing something different as well, instead of bringing a better app to the table, it is trying to change the rules of the texting game on a large scale as well. Google has been quietly corralling every major cell phone carrier on the planet into adopting the technology to replace the purpose of SMS.

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