Google’s Teachable Machine 2.0 Provides First Hand Experience Of AI

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Even though AI is largely used in various sectors, those who have never coded before may find the mechanism very strange. However, the present technological development highly recommends knowing the basics of AI and machine learning, if not expertise. Google is helping those who don't have prior experience in AI with an introduction to machine learning through its modified version of its learning model: Teachable Machine 2.0.

What Is Teachable Machine By Google?

Teachable Machine is the first step from Google to reach the basics of machine learning. It teaches your computer to recognize images using a webcam. This web-based tool makes the process easy and fast.

“For several people, it was their first time experiencing what it’s like to train their own machine learning model: teaching the computer how to recognize patterns in data (images, in this case) and assign new data to categories,” says Kyle Phillips Creative Technologist of Google Creative Lab.

Google’s Teachable Machine 2.0 Provides First Hand Experience Of AI

Teachable Machine 2.0: The Updated Version

As the first version attracted many people, a lot of requests also came to enhance the application of the tool. Teachable Machine 2.0 helps you to export their own machine learning models to websites, apps, physical machines, and more. Besides, the process does not require coding and will be done in no time. The model you created is powered by Tensorflow.js.

How to Use Teachable Machine 2.0?

Firstly, you have to gather images, sounds, or poses. The tool maintains your example on the computer. Training the computer to recognize the sample, you just have to click one button: Training. You can preview the samples before and after uploading them to your website.

In Open-Source Curriculum

Teachable Machine is already a part of some of the open-source curriculum. According to education researcher Blakeley H. Payne, it helps middle-schoolers to learn about AI through a hands-on learning experience. 

“I love using Teachable Machine in the classroom because it empowers these students to be designers of technology without the fear of ‘I've never done this before,” she says.

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