Google News May Shut Down In EU Over ‘Link Tax’

Google may soon be going to shut down its Google News services in the European Union if a proposed “link tax” for news stories which comes into the force in member countries, according to a report.

According to a report which has been revealed by a new copyright directive, adopted by the European Parliament on 12th of September, tech Giant must pay for the work of journalist and artists which they use. To simply just put the rule changes into effect, some of the individual member countries would have to draft the local news.

Google as of now is deeply concerned about the current proposals, which are merely designed to compensate the struggling news publishers if the snippets of their articles appear to be in the search results, Richard Gingras the search engine Vice president of the news told in a  report.

The future of the Google News could depend on whether the European Union was willing to alter the phrasing of the legislation, he revealed in a report.

“We can't make a decision until we see the final language,” he was quoted as saying. This is not just the first time attempt which is being made to charge the Google for links. In the year 2014, Spain also passed a law which requires aggregation sites to pay for the new links.

Google then finally decided to close down the service for the customers of Spanish. Some of the traditional media outlets then tend to blame the Google for sucking up so much of the advertising revenue which used to prop up print newspapers, according to the report. This is not just the first time attempt which is being made to charge the Google for links.

But many news websites also depend on the service to drive traffic to their websites.

Google News is not directly a profit-making business for the company, while it does encourage users to spend more time on the company's websites, Gingras said, adding that the search giant does not put any advertising in Google News.

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