Google Maps to Let Promote Business Themselves As Women Entrepreneurs

While the world celebrates women and all their achievements today on the occasion of Women’s Day, Google has a little gift for women in business across the world; they can now list their respective companies on Google Maps as being owned, led or founded by women.

Alphabet Inc’s Google announced in a blog post on Wednesday that the new features will out on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day. Users will be able to see a new option alongside the details in the business listing where you can choose from what your business has to offer, such as, kosher food, WiFi, outdoor seating and more.

Users will now be able to see an icon with a female gender symbol in that list of choices. Google employee suggestions led to the women-led attribute as one that was launched last year that recognized businesses that ate LGBT community friendly.

Along with the information about the new update, Google shared video storied of different women across the world are doing something unique and supporting themselves and their families through thick and thin with their innovation and hard work. The stories that were shared are all very empowering and motivating. And the blog ended with Women’s Day wishes from google to the rest of the world.


Google spokeswoman Liz Davidoff told Reuters through an email that Google strives to be an organization that supports all people and that Google added the new women-led feature as an act of support, for women-led business and help them succeed online by creating unique visibility for these businesses on Google Maps.

Here’s to all the women across the world that are making the society we live in a better place with their innovation and hard work and to hoping for a brighter future for all those women.

A Very Happy International Women’s Day!