You Can Now Use Google Lens on Your Apple Devices

Google Lens will be available for iOS devices over the next few weeks. Google Lens is an effective object recognition took, which can be accessed through the Google Photos app. When you click a picture of a painting or a monument, the Lens recognizes it and gives you more information about the object you just clicked.

Google Lens works on a lot of objects, ranging from books to business cards. You can quickly know more information than a flyer or an ad by merely taking a picture of it. When you use the Lens on a photo that has phone numbers and addresses on it, Lens helps you save this information as a contact on your phone, while the events can be saved on to your calendar.

If you are wondering how to access this feature on your Apple device, you will first have to get the Google Photos app, then select a photo and tap on the Google Lens icon. You can check the details Google provides, and it varies from picture to picture. Click a picture of a monument or a historic building and get all the information that you need to know instantly and do lot more exicting things with Lens.

The Google Lens feature will be available for 3.15 of the iOS app, so make sure to update your app to enjoy Google’s innovation. Google Lens was introduced to the world back in October on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. So, no matter where you are you can get all the information you need about a monument or an event with a single photo. If you don't see the update on your iOS devices yet, its okay. Google Photos said on its Twitter handle that the feature will be available for everyone over the span of next few weeks!

Source: Google Photos Twitter