Google’s I/O 2018 Top Picks From The Conference

Google's annual I/O developer conference was organized at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. We bring you some of the biggest announcements from Day 1 keynote. In the coming days, there's more news to come.

– Google rebranded it's research division to Google AI, it went all in on Artificial Intelligence

This move made by Google shows us their increased focus in Research and Development regarding areas of natural language processing, neural networks, and computer vision.

-With continued conversation, Google makes user interaction with the Google Assistant more natural, giving us a humanlike experience

The company added a new feature that enables you to ask multiple questions under a single request. And, “hey Google” “ok Google” can occur only once in the beginning, unlike until now wherein you have to say Google every single time you need to ask a question or give a command.

-Google's photos get an AI boost

It is already easy to correct photos with built-in AI powered features and editing tools in Google photos for automatically creating movies, collages and styled photos. Now, more AI powered fixes are done to photos. A new version of Google Photos app will make quick fixes like adding pops of color, brightness correction etc.

– Google Assistant and YouTube are coming to smart displays

At I/O, we got a little insight into the company's efforts in terms of smart display. The launch will occur in July and will be powered by Google Assistant and YouTube. The company invested resources into building a visual-first version of Assistant, making the experience enriching through addition of a screen to the experience.

-Google Assistant is coming to Google maps

This summer, available on iOS and Android, Google Assistant is coming to Google maps. This is to provide the users with better recommendations. Google is working on introducing features to give you better recommendations for local places. The maps integration gives a street view, gives you an experience as if you jumped inside the street. Google lens can do things like identifying buildings, dog breeds, just pointing your camera at the object in question. It'll also identify text.

– Google announced a new generation for it's TPU machine learning hardware

Google said it's third generation of silicon, the Tebsor Processor Unit 3.0. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said the new TPU pod is 8x more powerful than the one last year, with up to 100 petaflops in performance.

– Google News gets an AI powered redesign

This new design will enable users to keep updated with the news they like, and also support the publishers they trust. New features like “newscasts” and “full coverage” are provided to get a summary or more holistic view of news.

– Google unveils ML kit, an SDK which makes it easy to make AI smarts to iOS and Android apps

A new software development kit for app developers which allows them to integrate Google provided, pre-built machine learning models into apps. The models support face detection, image labeling, text recognition, landmark recognition and barcode scanning.

Source: TechCrunch

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