Google Introduces Its Free Coding Tool Grasshopper To Desktop

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Google announced the official introduction of its free coding tool Grasshopper to the desktop web. Since it is launched in 2018 as an android and iPhone app, more than two million users have benefited from the tool by bringing a simple process to enhance the coding skills. Grasshopper is a product of Google’s Area 120. 

While Google is making Grasshoppers desktop compatible, it also advances it with two more additional features, Code Editor and Intro to Webpages.

Grasshopper provides the lessons about the functions, how to create variables, control code flow, and so on. Developed according to Java, but the platform claims that it’s compatible with every coding language. 

The web development section is more advanced, with two additional options. It gives an opportunity to practically use the code language you have learned from the fundamentals. You get the chance to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by engaging with them. 

Google Introduces Its Free Coding Tool Grasshopper To Desktop

Being very popular and favorite among coding beginners, Grasshopper grew as the best way to start the coding in a year.

Fun games and interactive sessions help users to start learning real JavaScript in a very interesting way. As the user progress to a higher level, it brings more challenging ways. 

In the beginning, the visual puzzles enhance the problem-solving skills of users. It will make the coding concept strong in user’s minds.

As it is now coming to the desktop, you can use JavaScript in a more productive way. The real-time feedback also clears all your doubts. 

As a smartphone app, Grasshopper got very critical appreciation from millions of users and coding experts. The arrival of it on the desktop is expected to bring the easiest way of coding and pretty advanced results. 

By the latest update, Grasshopper makes use of the full display width by adopting a three-panel UI where instructions are on the left, followed by code, and a device preview at the right.


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