Google Earth Introduces New Tool to Measure the Distance and Area

Mapping apps have long allowed us to measure the distance between multiple locations across the globe– but if you are looking for more precise figures, then you will want to try the latest feature which is available in Google Earth.

The new Measure tool now lets you plot as many points as you like on a part of the globe to find out the distance between two points or calculate the perimeter and area between more points.

It works like a charm in the Android app and in Chrome on your desktop.


Moreover, you can measure some of the larger spaces like parks and race tracks, and even distances as-the-crow-flies between some of the major cities and landmarks. If you’ve ever been curious about how big or small the various public facilities in your town are, this is a great way to find out.

You can try Measure right now in Google Earth for Chrome and Android, it will soon going to come in the iOS app as well. Oh, and if you want to measure smaller part of stuff – like the size of your living room or the length of your standing desk – you can try Google’s new Measure AR application for Android.

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