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One of the important steps for your website is getting a great domain name. The domain name will help your website to be found and identified on the internet to your potential customers. From here, the search for reliable and reckoned domain registrars starts. Domain registration service helps you in registering and managing domain names for the websites. As there are different ways to get tricked, you need to choose the right & suitable domain name registrar. When we talk about domain registration of the website, the one name that comes to mind is Google Domains. Here’s the Google Domains review through which you’ll get an idea of how it works, its features, and pricing discreetly.

Google Domains is a trustworthy domain registration service offered to the people by Google itself. With this, you register the domain name for your WordPress site or any other website.

What’s unique with Google Domain that makes people choose it?

With a domain registrar, it becomes simple and easy to connect to various Google services. Because of this, you’ll be able to access Google Domains just from the same Google account that you are using for other services. Let’s check out more about this domain registrar which makes people choose it:

  • It comes with an option of domain name transfer which means you can transfer from your existing domain to Google Domain. By following a few steps, you can transfer the domain in 5 days.
  • Another important reason why people choose Google domains is it’s easy to use a dashboard. With this dashboard, it becomes quite easy to see all the domains for your account. Plus, you can easily edit the DNS records for these domains.
  • Protecting from spam and identification of abuse with privacy protection is what makes it unique from other domain registrars. More than 300 domain endings are available to choose from. It gives you an easy and simple domain that represents your business.
  • You can get a perfect domain name for your website too with highly affordable pricing. Other than this, you can add as many emails along with an email forwarding option. Another best part is that you won’t get any issue of hidden fees during the checkout process with Google Domains.
  • If we’re talking about the main benefits of choosing Google Domains then we cannot overlook Google 2-Step Verification, access to various professional tools, speed, security, and 100 sub-domains.

Advanced Features by the Google Domains

With Google Domains, you'll do everything exactly the way you want. There’s one fair price domain registration service with which you are getting multiple advanced features. 

Domain sharing

Keeping you as the owner, this domain registrar lets you share permissions with others to manage the domain. You can give your coworker or client permission to manage your web presence as well as DNS settings. 

Fast multi-domain registration

It’s easy to register multiple domains at once with this Google powered domain registrar. 

Free privacy protection

One thing that matters the most for the website owner is security and privacy. Google Domains covers you for this by providing you with WHOIS and RDAP privacy protection to prevent any kind of spam. For this feature of privacy, you don’t need to pay any additional cost.

Integration with website builders and Google products

To make your decision of selection of domain registration services easy, Google Domains has come with an integration feature. This feature allows you to add Google Workspace for your domain. You can also integrate with some of the amazing website builders present in the market.

Access to the add-ons

One of the important features is that it lets your domain to connect with ease with Weebly Shopify and many more Bluehost.

DNS Export

Without a DNS server, there’s no base of a domain name. If you are using Google Domains to register your domain that it will be using the same DNS servers for the Google search engine. 

Google Domains pricing

When it comes to pricing, you don’t need to think much as its domains start at industry leading prices. With affordable pricing, you’ll get many premium features related to privacy, speed, performance, and reliability. There will be no surprise on checkout as the pricing of Google Domains are transparent and fair. There can be some variations in the pricing depending on the exact domain that you choose for your website. By far, Google domain coupons offer you an inexpensive and suitable option for having a domain name.

The Final Word

Google Domains is one of the best domain name registration services that offer you several advanced features. Features like subdomains, WHOIS privacy, and website builder integration are something that most of the website owner wants. Hope you find this Google Domains review useful. 


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