Google Denies Sabotaging Microsoft Edge

Google has denied the report that it altered YouTube code to break Microsoft Edge, thus leads to slowing down its performance while users streamed YouTube views.

Microsoft Edge is a graphical web browser that comes with the Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and the Xbox One devices, are going to replace the Internet Explorer as the default web browser for all the operating system.

According to the report which has been revealed, Google disputed the claims which are made by the Joshua Bakita, a former software engineer at Microsoft who also said that the company added a “hidden empty di-over YouTube Videos” that even slowed down the streaming on the Microsoft Edge.

According to Google report which has been revealed, it merely fixed a bug in YouTube. “YouTube does not add any type of code which is designed to defeat any optimizations in other browsers, and works quickly to fix all the errors and bugs when they are discovered,” a YouTube executive said in a report.

Microsoft, moreover, was yet to comment on the specific claim which is made by their team member. “Google has been a helpful partner from so many years with us, and we look forward to the total cooperation as well,” it told in a report.

Earlier, in a post on the report, Bakita revealed some of the details of a YouTube incident that convinced some Edge browser engineers that Google added some of the additional code to break compatibility purposely. “One of the reasons Microsoft decided to end EdgeHTML was because as Google kept making some of the changes to its sites that broke some other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up,” revealed Bakita.

Google has also added a “hidden empty div over YouTube videos” that affected Microsoft’s hardware acceleration for the photos and videos, he added.

A Mozilla Firefox programme manager has also claimed recently that a separate YouTube redesign made the site “5x slower in both the Edge and Firefox.” In the month of November, Microsoft said it plans to adopt the Chromium open source project for the development of its Edge browser.

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