Google Backs Workflow Integrating Startup ’nuffsaid

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After the popularity gained by Slack, the group messaging app, the oddly named startup ’nuffsaid has entered in the market with the boom.  ’nuffsaid claims to centralize all work apps in one place with its app named ‘nflow, which makes employees focus more on the important tasks at work. Even though ’nuffsaid was launched just 8 months ago, but it has already drawn the attention of several giants by offering such a crucial service.            

The startup has recently disclosed that it has bagged seed funding of $4.3 million from General Catalyst, Google’s Gradient Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Berlin’s FinTech firm, Work Life Ventures, San Fransisco’s VC firm, Wasabi Ventures, Manchester’s publishing firm and SV Angel, San Francisco-based angel firm.   

‘nflow is following the algorithmic pattern of prioritizing Slack messages, texts, emails, and Zoom messages. With its searchable uniformed inbox, it brings all the urgent messages into a single app and leaving the messages and emails that are less urgent in the traditional app to check later after finishing the work at hand. 

Google Backs Workflow Integrating Startup ’nuffsaid

’nuffsaid CEO and co-founder Chris Hicken told a publishing firm that ’nuffsaid team thinks that it might bring a whole new category of products that will add AI into existing workflows. ‘nflow is their stepping stone in moving toward their vision.

 As per the ’nuffsaid team, ‘nflow will roll out commercially at $25 for a month, but users signing up for its early access waitlist will get lifetime access at $10/month. Besides, the ambitious team says that if ‘nflow succeeds to impress vast market for delivering a productive tool to employees who are frustrated by a messaging overburden, then the startup’s future products will signify a desire to study more closely into specific organizations workflow and will bring particular types of teams on board.

The startup is planning to launch a separate AI-driven customer success module that combines various apps to offer employees a more actionable understanding of which tasks are the most difficult to maintain, along with building customer relations.


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