The New Google Assistant Integrates with Chrome on Pixel 4

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As Google introduced its new Google Assistant on Pixel 4 phones, it is also integrating direct actions in chrome. According to Android Police, the new Google Assistant will allow you to use direct functions on chrome through voice commands. This new addition to Assistant will simplify the process of using chrome.

The present command list includes Go back, Reload, Go forward, Bookmark this page, Open downloads, Open preferences, Open help, Open file, and open a new tab. These nine essential and fundamental will be used with your voice.

As per the testing of these functions, ‘open help’ and ‘open preferences’ are currently not functioning and they will get updated in the coming days. Even though nine commands came, it will not be the final list. Google Assistant is planning to bring a full-fledged voice assistant in the future. 

In order to use these voice-backed commands, you need English Google Assistant. It is expected to come in other languages as well. 

Google launched its second-generation Google Assistant in October 2019. With a better speed in response and functionality, the new assistant is already integrated in Pixel 4. Even though it launched in the US alone, it is currently available in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the UK.

This new Google Assistant integrates voice commands on the Android platform and allows new designers to get better voice performance for the apps. Naturally, the best result for this progress is Google’s own suite apps, and the firm is displaying the capacity of new google assistant through its voice commands.

Google has come up with a new update in Chrome OS as well. The new update allows the Chromebook users to change the music tracks and podcasts without unlocking the screen. With this easier method, users can change the tracks at the lock screen itself.


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