Google Assistant Beats Amazon Alexa In IQ Test

Apart from being Amazon Alexa being more popular across the globe, Google Assistant has outperformed her, and other voice assistants like the Apple Siri, in a test meant to understand the effectiveness of the smart speakers. In the edition of 2018, “Smart Speaker IQ Test” by the research-driven venture capital firm Loup Ventures, Google Assistant managed to answer 87.9 percent of the questions correctly – up from 81.1 percent in the year 2017, according to the report which has been revealed.

Alexa saw its accuracy to improve the 72.5 percent from the 63.8 percent and Microsoft Cortana that has improved to 63.4 percent from 56.4 percent.

Moreover, Alexa was not the leader in the shopping category, being Amazon heading the global e-commerce space, as Google Home returned more correct answers when asked about the product information.

“Google Assistant was the only assistant to properly understand all 800 of the questions, but the others were able to understand 99 percent or more,” said the research firm.

Apple Siri, has got the 74.6 percent of the questions right, up from the 52 percent. The common set of 800 questions were split into the five categories namely: information in general and commands, local information, navigation, commerce.

Out of all the five categories, Google Assistant came first on all, except the commands, where it merely finished the second to Siri. Google Assistant and Siri were well ahead of their peers in the local information and navigation categories.

The Google Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence abilities have bolstered Assistant and so has integration with the Google Search and its Knowledge Graph, according to the research. Amazon and Google have accounted for the 70 percent shares of the global smart speaker shipments in the first quarter of 2018.

With the 43.6 percent market share, Amazon shipped an impressive four million smart speakers, according to the market search report. Google and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba consolidated their number two and three ranking in the market.

Led by the Amazon, the smart speaker category in India has grown to 43 percent in the second quarter of 2018, according to the report.

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