Google Announces Its Assistant Feature At CES 2020

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Google has entered the new year with another blast. On the very first day of the International CES 2020 event, Google has announced its new feature for better assistance of our day-to-day life. The latest feature of  AI-based Google Assistant will improve the users’ routine by getting them easily connected with various devices.

Google Assistant is available in 90+ countries. On average, it helps more than 500 million people monthly through its smart assistance using smart speakers, smartphones, Android TVs, cars, Smart Displays, and a lot more. 

As part of a routine, you want to read the news but do not have enough separate time to read! Google Assistant will be introducing its new feature for webpage reading on Android devices, which reads when you say “Hey Google, read this page,” and the Assistant will read the selected page — avoiding things like social sharing buttons or navigation options. Later on, Google is also planning to add the auto-scroll option and text highlight as it reads to the page.  

Google Announces Its Assistant Feature At CES 2020

Google Assistant has included schedule actions, where you can schedule by just saying, “Hey Google, turn on the lights at 6 pm.” The Assistant replaced the sticky notes with digital notes on the smart display. “Hey Google, leave a note that says, ‘Don’t forget to water plants.’ ” Even if the screen is locked, the note will be visible.

It has also included the speed dial feature on the smart display lock screen where you can keep emergency contacts. Touching or voice command will call the person immediately. The only guideline to remember while feeding commands to Assistant is that you have to say “Hey Google”… to make the Assistant record your instructions.   

Google has only announced its Assistant features, but the company has not mentioned the launch date yet. “Later this year” was the statement when enquired.


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