Google Offers Free Machine Learning Opportunity Via Learn With Google AI

Technology is taking the way we live and function. Pacemakers in the heart can fix your heart rate to normal, while cars can drive on its own and make its own decisions to keep on the road safely. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of computing technology, which is enabling software to tell humans possible outcomes and scenarios. Taking its increased usage into concern. Machine learning and AI are some of the biggest topics in the tech world right now, and Google is looking to make those fields more available to more people with its new Learn with Google AI website.

Google introduced “Learn with Google AI” on Thursday. Learn with Google AI is a set of educational resources developed by Machine Learning experts at Google. It allows people to learn about concepts, helps developing skills and applied theories of artificial intelligence to the real world. Learn with Google AI had its existing content as well as new machine learning courses.


Learn with Google AI includes videos from Machine Learning Experts at Google, Interactive visualizations and illustrations of machine learning concepts, coding exercises using cutting-edge TensorFlow APIs and how practitioners implement machine learning in the real world. Learn with Google AI was initially developed by Google Engineering Education Team and it has more than 18000 Googlers enrolled for the course so far.

The website offers a free course called Machine Learning Crash Course. It is based on the initial course that was developed and designed to help Google employees a practical introduction to AI and ML. Google is trying to make it available for everyone and help learn machine learning concepts and techniques. The course is hardly about 15 hours and has a lot of interactive lessons and over 40 exercises. It is developed and designed for newcomers to machine learning or zero knowledge about ML.

According to Google, AI can solve complicated problems and has the potential to transform complete industries, which means it's crucial that AI reflects a diverse range of human perspectives and needs. Google's mission is to use AI in all aspects of life, including healthcare, finance, retail, and education.

Zuri Kemp, The Programme Manager for Google's machine learning education, said in a statement that We believe it's important that the development of AI reflects as diverse a range of human perspectives and needs as possible. So, Google AI is making it easier for everyone to learn ML by providing a huge range of free, in-depth educational content.

“This is for everyone, from deep machine learning experts looking for advanced developer tutorials and materials, to curious people who are ready to try to learn what ML is in the first place,” Kemp added.

There’s more to come from Learn with Google AI, including additional courses and documentation. With this initiative, Google wants to continue to be a leader in AI like Amazon.

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